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tds_login Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

DSTR app_name
int block_size
unsigned int bulk_copy:1
DSTR cafile
 certificate authorities file
unsigned int check_ssl_hostname:1
DSTR client_charset
DSTR client_host_name
TDS_INT connect_timeout
struct addrinfo * connected_addr
DSTR crlfile
 certificate revocation file
DSTR database
DSTR db_filename
 database filename to attach (MSSQL)
int debug_flags
DSTR dump_file
unsigned int emul_little_endian:1
TDS_TINYINT encryption_level
unsigned int gssapi_use_delegation:1
DSTR instance_name
struct addrinfo * ip_addrs
 ip(s) of server
DSTR language
DSTR library
unsigned int mars:1
DSTR new_password
 new password to set (TDS 7.2+)
unsigned char option_flag2
DSTR password
 password of account login
int port
 port of database service
TDS_INT query_timeout
unsigned int readonly_intent:1
DSTR server_charset
 charset of server e.g. More...
DSTR server_host_name
DSTR server_name
 server name (in freetds.conf)
DSTR server_realm_name
 server realm name (in freetds.conf)
DSTR server_spn
 server SPN (in freetds.conf)
unsigned int suppress_language:1
TDS_USMALLINT tds_version
 TDS version.
int text_size
unsigned int use_lanman:1
unsigned int use_new_password:1
unsigned int use_ntlmv2:1
unsigned int use_utf16:1
DSTR user_name
 account for login
unsigned int valid_configuration:1

Member Data Documentation

DSTR tds_login::server_charset

charset of server e.g.


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