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tds_socket Struct Reference

Information for a server connection. More...

#include <tds.h>

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Public Attributes

TDS_TINYINT bulk_query
 true is query sent was a bulk query so we need to switch state to QUERYING
 cursor in use
 dynamic structure in use
TDS_OPERATION current_op
 Current query information. More...
void(* env_chg_func )(TDSSOCKET *tds, int type, char *oldval, char *newval)
TDS_TINYINT has_status
 true is ret_status is valid
unsigned char * in_buf
 Input buffer. More...
volatile unsigned char in_cancel
 indicate we are waiting a cancel reply; discard tokens till acknowledge; 1 mean we have to send cancel packet, 2 already sent. More...
unsigned char in_flag
 input buffer type
unsigned in_len
 input buffer length
unsigned in_pos
 current position in in_buf
 config for login stuff. More...
TDS_UINT num_comp_info
int option_value
unsigned char * out_buf
 Output buffer. More...
unsigned int out_buf_max
 Maximum size of packet pointed by out_buf. More...
unsigned char out_flag
 output buffer type
unsigned out_pos
 current position in out_buf
void * parent
TDS_INT query_timeout
TDS_INT ret_status
 return status from store procedure
TDS_INT8 rows_affected
 rows updated/deleted/inserted/selected, TDS_NO_COUNT if not valid
 packet we are preparing to send
tds_mutex wire_mtx

Detailed Description

Information for a server connection.

Member Data Documentation

TDSRESULTINFO* tds_socket::current_results

Current query information.

Contains information in process, both normal and compute results. This pointer shouldn't be freed; it's just an alias to another structure.

unsigned char* tds_socket::in_buf

Input buffer.

Points to receiving packet buffer. As input buffer contains just the raw packet actually this pointer is the address of recv_packet->buf.

volatile unsigned char tds_socket::in_cancel

indicate we are waiting a cancel reply; discard tokens till acknowledge; 1 mean we have to send cancel packet, 2 already sent.

TDSLOGIN* tds_socket::login

config for login stuff.

After login this field is NULL

unsigned char* tds_socket::out_buf

Output buffer.

Points to sending packet buffer. Output buffer can contain additional data before the raw TDS packet so this buffer can point some bytes after send_packet->buf.

unsigned int tds_socket::out_buf_max

Maximum size of packet pointed by out_buf.

The buffer is actually a bit larger to make possible to do some optimizations (at least TDS_ADDITIONAL_SPACE bytes).

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