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1 { SYBEICONVI, EXINFO, "WARNING! Some character(s) could not be converted into client's character set. Unconverted bytes were changed to question marks ('?')."},
2 { SYBEICONVO, EXUSER, "Error converting client characters into server's character set. Some character(s) could not be converted."},
3 { SYBEAAMT, EXPROGRAM, "User attempted a dbaltbind() with mismatched column and variable types."},
4 { SYBEABMT, EXPROGRAM, "User attempted a dbbind() with mismatched column and variable types."},
5 { SYBEABNC, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to bind to a non-existent column."},
6 { SYBEABNP, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to bind using NULL pointers."},
7 { SYBEABNV, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to bind to a NULL program variable."},
8 { SYBEACNV, EXCONVERSION, "Attemp to do conversion with NULL destination variable."},
9 { SYBEADST, EXCONSISTENCY, "Error in attempting to determine the size of a pair of translation tables."},
10 { SYBEAICF, EXCONSISTENCY, "Error in attempting to install custom format."},
11 { SYBEALTT, EXCONSISTENCY, "Error in attempting to load a pair of translation tables."},
12 { SYBEAOLF, EXRESOURCE, "Error in attempting to open a localization file."},
13 { SYBEAPCT, EXCONSISTENCY, "Error in attempting to perform a character-set translation."},
14 { SYBEAPUT, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to print unknown token."},
15 { SYBEARDI, EXRESOURCE, "Error in attempting to read datetime information from a localization file."},
16 { SYBEARDL, EXRESOURCE, "Error in attempting to read the dblib.loc localization file."},
17 { SYBEASEC, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to send an empty command buffer to the SQL Server."},
18 { SYBEASNL, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to set fields in a null loginrec."},
19 { SYBEASTF, 1, "VMS: Unable to setmode for control_c ast."},
20 { SYBEASTL, EXPROGRAM, "Synchronous IO attempted at AST level."},
21 { SYBEASUL, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to set unknown loginrec field."},
22 { SYBEATTNACK, 1, "Timed out waiting for server to acknowledge attention."},
23 { SYBEAUTN, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to update the timestamp of a table which has no timestamp column."},
24 { SYBEBADPK, EXINFO, "Packet size of %1! not supported. -- size of %2! used instead."},
25 { SYBEBADTYPE, 1, "Illegal value for type parameter given to %1!."},
26 { SYBEBBCI, EXINFO, "Batch successfully bulk-copied to SQL Server."},
27 { SYBEBBFL, 1, "-001- Batch failed in bulk-copy to SQL Server."},
28 { SYBEBBL, EXPROGRAM, "Bad bindlen parameter passed to dbsetnull()."},
29 { SYBEBCBC, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_columns() must be called before bcp_colfmt() and bcp_colfmt_ps()."},
30 { SYBEBCBNPR, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_bind(): if varaddr is NULL, prefixlen must be 0 and no terminator should be specified."},
31 { SYBEBCBNTYP, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_bind(): if varaddr is NULL and varlen greater than 0, the table column type must be SYBTEXT or SYBIMAGE and the program variable type must be SYBTEXT, SYBCHAR, SYBIMAGE or SYBBINARY."},
32 { SYBEBCBPREF, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal prefix length. Legal values are 0, 1, 2 or 4."},
33 { SYBEBCFO, EXUSER, "Bcp host-files must contain at least one column."},
34 { SYBEBCHLEN, EXPROGRAM, "host_collen should be greater than or equal to -1."},
35 { SYBEBCIS, EXCONSISTENCY, "Attempt to bulk-copy an illegally-sized column value to the SQL Server."},
36 { SYBEBCIT, EXPROGRAM, "It's illegal to use BCP terminators with program variables other than SYBCHAR, SYBBINARY, SYBTEXT, or SYBIMAGE."},
37 { SYBEBCITBLEN, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_init(): tblname parameter is too long."},
38 { SYBEBCITBNM, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_init(): tblname parameter cannot be NULL."},
39 { SYBEBCMTXT, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_moretext() may be used only when there is at least one text or image column in the server table."},
40 { SYBEBCNL, EXNONFATAL, "Negative length-prefix found in BCP data-file."},
41 { SYBEBCNN, EXUSER, "Attempt to bulk-copy a NULL value into Server column 0, which does not accept NULL values."},
42 { SYBEBCNT, EXUSER, "Attempt to use Bulk Copy with a non-existent Server table."},
43 { SYBEBCOR, EXCONSISTENCY, "Attempt to bulk-copy an oversized row to the SQL Server."},
44 { SYBEBCPB, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_bind(), bcp_moretext() and bcp_sendrow() may NOT be used after bcp_init() has been passed a non-NULL input file name."},
45 { SYBEBCPCTYP, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_colfmt(): If table_colnum is 0, host_type cannot be 0."},
46 { SYBEBCPI, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_init() must be called before any other bcp routines."},
47 { SYBEBCPN, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_bind(), bcp_collen(), bcp_colptr(), bcp_moretext() and bcp_sendrow() may be used only after bcp_init() has been called with the copy direction set to DB_IN."},
48 { SYBEBCPOPT, 1, "The option cannot be called while a bulk copy operation is progress."},
49 { SYBEBCPREC, EXNONFATAL, "Column %1!: Illegal precision value encountered."},
50 { SYBEBCPREF, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal prefix length. Legal values are -1, 0, 1, 2 or 4."},
51 { SYBEBCRE, EXNONFATAL, "IO error while reading bcp data-file."},
52 { SYBEBCRO, EXINFO, "The BCP hostfile '' contains only 0 rows. It was impossible to read the requested 0 rows."},
53 { SYBEBCSA, EXUSER, "The BCP hostfile '' contains only 0 rows. Skipping all of these rows is not allowed."},
54 { SYBEBCSET, EXCONSISTENCY, "Unknown character-set encountered."},
55 { SYBEBCSI, EXPROGRAM, "Host-file columns may be skipped only when copying INto the Server."},
56 { SYBEBCSNDROW, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_sendrow() may NOT be called unless all text data for the previous row has been sent using bcp_moretext()."},
57 { SYBEBCSNTYP, EXPROGRAM, "column number %1!: if varaddr is NULL and varlen greater than 0, the table column type must be SYBTEXT or SYBIMAGE and the program variable type must be SYBTEXT, SYBCHAR, SYBIMAGE or SYBBINARY."},
58 { SYBEBCUC, EXRESOURCE, "Bcp: Unable to close host data-file."},
59 { SYBEBCUO, EXRESOURCE, "Bcp: Unable to open host data-file."},
60 { SYBEBCVH, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_exec() may be called only after bcp_init() has been passed a valid host file."},
61 { SYBEBCVLEN, EXPROGRAM, "varlen should be greater than or equal to -1."},
62 { SYBEBCWE, EXNONFATAL, "IO error while writing bcp data-file."},
63 { SYBEBDIO, EXPROGRAM, "Bad bulk-copy direction. Must be either IN or OUT."},
64 { SYBEBEOF, EXNONFATAL, "Unexpected EOF encountered in BCP data-file."},
65 { SYBEBIHC, EXPROGRAM, "Incorrect host-column number found in bcp format-file."},
66 { SYBEBIVI, EXPROGRAM, "bcp_columns(), bcp_colfmt() and bcp_colfmt_ps() may be used only after bcp_init() has been passed a valid input file."},
67 { SYBEBNCR, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to bind user variable to a non-existent compute row."},
68 { SYBEBNUM, EXPROGRAM, "Bad numbytes parameter passed to dbstrcpy()."},
69 { SYBEBOOL, 1, "Boolean parameters must be TRUE or FALSE."},
70 { SYBEBPKS, EXPROGRAM, "In DBSETLPACKET(), the packet size parameter must be between 0 and 999999."},
71 { SYBEBPREC, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal precision specified."},
72 { SYBEBPROBADDEF, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: illegal default column id received."},
73 { SYBEBPROBADLEN, 1, "bcp protocol error: illegal datatype length received."},
74 { SYBEBPROBADPREC, 1, "bcp protocol error: illegal precision value received."},
75 { SYBEBPROBADSCL, 1, "bcp protocol error: illegal scale value received."},
76 { SYBEBPROBADTYP, 1, "bcp protocol error: unknown column datatype."},
77 { SYBEBPROCOL, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: returned column count differs from the actual number of columns received."},
78 { SYBEBPRODEF, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: expected default information and got none."},
79 { SYBEBPRODEFID, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: default column id and actual column id are not same."},
80 { SYBEBPRODEFTYP, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: default value datatype differs from column datatype."},
81 { SYBEBPROEXTDEF, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: more than one row of default information received."},
82 { SYBEBPROEXTRES, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: unexpected set of results received."},
83 { SYBEBPRONODEF, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: default value received for column that does not have default."},
84 { SYBEBPRONUMDEF, EXCONSISTENCY, "bcp protocol error: expected number of defaults differs from the actual number of defaults received."},
85 { SYBEBRFF, EXRESOURCE, "IO error while reading bcp format-file."},
86 { SYBEBSCALE, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal scale specified."},
87 { SYBEBTMT, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to send too much TEXT data via the bcp_moretext() call."},
88 { SYBEBTOK, EXCOMM, "Bad token from SQL Server: Data-stream processing out of sync."},
89 { SYBEBTYP, EXPROGRAM, "Unknown bind type passed to DB-LIBRARY function."},
90 { SYBEBTYPSRV, EXPROGRAM, "Datatype is not supported by the server."},
91 { SYBEBUCE, EXRESOURCE, "Bcp: Unable to close error-file."},
92 { SYBEBUCF, EXPROGRAM, "Bcp: Unable to close format-file."},
93 { SYBEBUDF, EXPROGRAM, "Bcp: Unrecognized datatype found in format-file."},
94 { SYBEBUFF, EXPROGRAM, "Bcp: Unable to create format-file."},
95 { SYBEBUFL, EXCONSISTENCY, "DB-LIBRARY internal error - send buffer length corrupted."},
96 { SYBEBUOE, EXRESOURCE, "Bcp: Unable to open error-file."},
97 { SYBEBUOF, EXPROGRAM, "Bcp: Unable to open format-file."},
98 { SYBEBWEF, EXNONFATAL, "IO error while writing bcp error-file."},
99 { SYBEBWFF, EXRESOURCE, "IO error while writing bcp format-file."},
100 { SYBECAP, EXCOMM, "DB-Library capabilities not accepted by the Server."},
101 { SYBECAPTYP, EXCOMM, "Unexpected capability type in CAPABILITY datastream."},
102 { SYBECDNS, EXCONSISTENCY, "Datastream indicates that a compute column is derived from a non-existent select-list member."},
103 { SYBECDOMAIN, EXCONVERSION, "Source field value is not within the domain of legal values."},
104 { SYBECINTERNAL, EXCONVERSION, "Internal Conversion error."},
105 { SYBECLOS, EXCOMM, "Error in closing network connection."},
106 { SYBECLOSEIN, 1, "Unable to close interface file."},
107 { SYBECLPR, EXCONVERSION, "Data-conversion resulted in loss of precision."},
108 { SYBECNOR, EXPROGRAM, "Column number out of range."},
109 { SYBECNOV, EXCONVERSION, "Attempt to set variable to NULL resulted in overflow."},
110 { SYBECOFL, EXCONVERSION, "Data-conversion resulted in overflow."},
111 { SYBECONN, EXCOMM, "Unable to connect socket -- SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist."},
112 { SYBECRNC, EXPROGRAM, "The current row is not a result of compute clause 0, so it is illegal to attempt to extract that data from this row."},
113 { SYBECRSAGR, EXPROGRAM, "Aggregate functions are not allowed in a cursor statement."},
114 { SYBECRSBROL, EXPROGRAM, "Backward scrolling cannot be used in a forward scrolling cursor."},
115 { SYBECRSBSKEY, EXPROGRAM, "Keyset cannot be scrolled backward in mixed cursors with a previous fetch type."},
116 { SYBECRSBUFR, EXPROGRAM, "Row buffering should not be turned on when using cursor APIs."},
117 { SYBECRSDIS, EXPROGRAM, "Cursor statement contains one of the disallowed phrases 'compute', 'union', 'for browse', or 'select into'."},
118 { SYBECRSFLAST, EXPROGRAM, "Fetch type LAST requires fully keyset driven cursors."},
119 { SYBECRSFRAND, EXPROGRAM, "Fetch types RANDOM and RELATIVE can only be used within the keyset of keyset driven cursors."},
120 { SYBECRSFROWN, EXPROGRAM, "Row number to be fetched is outside valid range."},
121 { SYBECRSFTYPE, EXRESOURCE, "Unknown fetch type."},
122 { SYBECRSINV, EXPROGRAM, "Invalid cursor statement."},
123 { SYBECRSINVALID, EXRESOURCE, "The cursor handle is invalid."},
124 { SYBECRSMROWS, EXRESOURCE, "Multiple rows are returned, only one is expected."},
125 { SYBECRSNOBIND, EXPROGRAM, "Cursor bind must be called prior to updating cursor."},
126 { SYBECRSNOCOUNT, EXPROGRAM, "The DBNOCOUNT option should not be turned on when doing updates or deletes with dbcursor()."},
127 { SYBECRSNOFREE, EXPROGRAM, "The DBNOAUTOFREE option should not be turned on when using cursor APIs."},
128 { SYBECRSNOIND, EXPROGRAM, "One of the tables involved in the cursor statement does not have a unique index."},
129 { SYBECRSNOKEYS, EXRESOURCE, "The entire keyset must be defined for KEYSET cursors."},
130 { SYBECRSNOLEN, EXRESOURCE, "No unique index found."},
132 { SYBECRSNORDER, EXRESOURCE, "The order of clauses must be from, where, and order by."},
133 { SYBECRSNORES, EXPROGRAM, "Cursor statement generated no results."},
135 { SYBECRSNOUPD, EXPROGRAM, "Update or delete operation did not affect any rows."},
136 { SYBECRSNOWHERE, EXPROGRAM, "A WHERE clause is not allowed in a cursor update or insert."},
137 { SYBECRSNROWS, EXRESOURCE, "No rows returned, at least one is expected."},
138 { SYBECRSNUNIQUE, EXRESOURCE, "No unique keys associated with this view."},
139 { SYBECRSORD, EXPROGRAM, "Only fully keyset driven cursors can have 'order by', ' group by', or 'having' phrases."},
140 { SYBECRSRO, EXPROGRAM, "Data locking or modifications cannot be made in a READONLY cursor."},
141 { SYBECRSSET, EXPROGRAM, "A SET clause is required for a cursor update or insert."},
142 { SYBECRSTAB, EXPROGRAM, "Table name must be determined in operations involving data locking or modifications."},
143 { SYBECRSUPDNB, EXPROGRAM, "Update or insert operations cannot use bind variables when binding type is NOBIND."},
144 { SYBECRSUPDTAB, EXPROGRAM, "Update or insert operations using bind variables require single table cursors."},
145 { SYBECRSVAR, EXRESOURCE, "There is no valid address associated with this bind."},
146 { SYBECRSVIEW, EXPROGRAM, "A view cannot be joined with another table or a view in a cursor statement."},
147 { SYBECRSVIIND, EXPROGRAM, "The view used in the cursor statement does not include all the unique index columns of the underlying tables."},
148 { SYBECS, 1, "-004- cs context Error."},
149 { SYBECSYN, EXCONVERSION, "Attempt to convert data stopped by syntax error in source field."},
150 { SYBECUFL, EXCONVERSION, "Data-conversion resulted in underflow."},
151 { SYBECWLL, 1, "Attempt to set column width less than 1."},
152 { SYBEDBPS, EXRESOURCE, "Maximum number of DBPROCESSes already allocated."},
153 { SYBEDCL, 1, "-004- DCL Error."},
154 { SYBEDDNE, EXINFO, "DBPROCESS is dead or not enabled."},
155 { SYBEDIVZ, EXUSER, "Attempt to divide by $0.00 in function %1!."},
156 { SYBEDNTI, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to use dbtxtsput() to put a new text-timestamp into a column whose datatype is neither SYBTEXT nor SYBIMAGE."},
157 { SYBEDPOR, EXPROGRAM, "Out-of-range datepart constant."},
158 { SYBEDVOR, EXPROGRAM, "Day values must be between 1 and 7."},
159 { SYBEECAN, EXINFO, "Attempted to cancel unrequested event notification."},
160 { SYBEECRT, 1, "Must call dbregdefine() before dbregcreate()."},
161 { SYBEEINI, EXINFO, "Must call dbreginit() before dbregraise()."},
162 { SYBEEQVA, 1, "Error in queueing VMS AST routine."},
163 { SYBEERRLABEL, 1, "An illegal value was returned from the security label handler."},
164 { SYBEESSL, 1, "Login security level entered does not agree with operating system level."},
165 { SYBEETD, EXPROGRAM, "Failure to send the expected amount of TEXT or IMAGE data via dbmoretext()."},
166 { SYBEEUNR, EXCOMM, "Unsolicited event notification received."},
167 { SYBEEVOP, EXINFO, "Called dbregwatch() with a bad options parameter."},
168 { SYBEEVST, EXINFO, "Must initiate a transaction before calling dbregparam()."},
169 { SYBEFCON, EXCOMM, "SQL Server connection failed."},
170 { SYBEFENC, 1, "Password Encryption failed."},
171 { SYBEFGTL, 1, "Bcp: Row number of the first row to be copied cannot be greater than the row number for the last row to be copied."},
172 { SYBEFMODE, 1, "ReadWriteAppend mode denied on file."},
173 { SYBEFRES, EXFATAL, "Challenge-Response function failed."},
174 { SYBEFSHD, EXRESOURCE, "Error in attempting to find the Sybase home directory."},
175 { SYBEFUNC, EXPROGRAM, "Functionality not supported at the specified version level."},
176 { SYBEGENOS, 1, "General Operating System Error."},
177 { SYBEICN, EXPROGRAM, "Invalid computeid or compute column number."},
178 { SYBEIDCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal datetime column length returned by DataServer. Legal datetime lengths are 4 and 8 bytes."},
179 { SYBEIDECCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Invalid decimal column length returned by the server."},
180 { SYBEIFCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal floating-point column length returned by DataServer. Legal floating-point lengths are 4 and 8 bytes."},
181 { SYBEIFNB, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal field number passed to bcp_control()."},
182 { SYBEIICL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal integer column length returned by SQL Server. Legal integer lengths are 1, 2, and 4 bytes."},
183 { SYBEIMCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal money column length returned by DataServer. Legal money lengths are 4 and 8 bytes."},
184 { SYBEINLN, EXUSER, "Interface file: unexpected end-of-line."},
185 { SYBEINTF, EXUSER, "Server name not found in interface file."},
186 { SYBEINUMCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Invalid numeric column length returned by the server."},
187 { SYBEIPV, EXINFO, "%1! is an illegal value for the %2! parameter of %3!."},
188 { SYBEISOI, EXCONSISTENCY, "Invalid sort-order information found."},
189 { SYBEISRVPREC, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal precision value returned by the server."},
190 { SYBEISRVSCL, EXCONSISTENCY, "Illegal scale value returned by the server."},
191 { SYBEITIM, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal timeout value specified."},
192 { SYBEIVERS, EXPROGRAM, "Illegal version level specified."},
193 { SYBEKBCI, EXINFO, "Bcp: 1000 rows sent to SQL Server."},
194 { SYBEKBCO, EXINFO, "1000 rows successfully bulk-copied to host-file."},
195 { SYBELBLEN, 1, "Security labels should be less than 256 characters long."},
196 { SYBEMEM, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to allocate sufficient memory."},
197 { SYBEMOV, EXUSER, "Money arithmetic resulted in overflow in function %1!."},
198 { SYBEMPLL, EXUSER, "Attempt to set maximum number of DBPROCESSes lower than 1."},
199 { SYBEMVOR, EXPROGRAM, "Month values must be between 1 and 12."},
200 { SYBENBUF, EXINFO, "called dbsendpassthru() with a NULL buf pointer."},
201 { SYBENBVP, EXPROGRAM, "Cannot pass dbsetnull() a NULL bindval pointer."},
202 { SYBENDC, EXPROGRAM, "Cannot have negative component in date in numeric form."},
203 { SYBENDTP, EXPROGRAM, "Called dbdatecrack() with a NULL datetime parameter."},
204 { SYBENEG, EXCOMM, "Negotiated login attempt failed."},
205 { SYBENEHA, 1, "Called dbreghandle() with a NULL handler parameter."},
206 { SYBENHAN, EXINFO, "called dbrecvpassthru() with a NULL handler parameter."},
207 { SYBENLNL, 1, "Program not linked with specified network library."},
208 { SYBENMOB, EXPROGRAM, "No such member of 'order by' clause."},
209 { SYBENOEV, EXINFO, "dbpoll() cannot be called if registered procedure notifications have been disabled."},
210 { SYBENOTI, 1, "No event handler installed."},
211 { SYBENOVALUE, 1, "Security labels require both a name and a value."},
212 { SYBENPRM, EXPROGRAM, "NULL parameter not allowed for this dboption."},
213 { SYBENSIP, EXPROGRAM, "Negative starting index passed to dbstrcpy()."},
214 { SYBENTLL, EXUSER, "Name too long for loginrec field."},
215 { SYBENTST, 1, "The file being opened must be a stream_lf."},
216 { SYBENTTN, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to use dbtxtsput() to put a new text-timestamp into a non-existent data row."},
217 { SYBENULL, EXINFO, "NULL DBPROCESS pointer passed to DB-Library."},
218 { SYBENULP, EXPROGRAM, "Called with a NULL parameter."},
219 { SYBENUM, 1, "Incorrect number of arguments given to DB-Library."},
220 { SYBENXID, EXNONFATAL, "The Server did not grant us a distributed-transaction ID."},
221 { SYBEONCE, EXPROGRAM, "Function can be called only once."},
222 { SYBEOOB, EXCOMM, "Error in sending out-of-band data to SQL Server."},
223 { SYBEOPIN, EXNONFATAL, "Could not open interface file."},
224 { SYBEOPNA, EXNONFATAL, "The textimage facility is available only when using a SQL Server whose version number is 4.0 or greater."},
225 { SYBEOPTNO, 1, "Option is not allowed or is unreconized."},
226 { SYBEOREN, EXINFO, "Warning: an out-of-range error-number was encountered in dblib.loc. The maximum permissible error-number is defined as DBERRCOUNT in sybdb.h."},
227 { SYBEORPF, EXUSER, "Attempt to set remote password would overflow the login-record's remote-password field."},
228 { SYBEOSSL, 1, "Operating system login level not in range of Secure SQL Server."},
229 { SYBEPAGE, 1, "wrong resource type or length given for dbpage() operation."},
230 { SYBEPOLL, EXINFO, "Only one dbpoll() can be active at a time."},
231 { SYBEPRTF, EXINFO, "dbtracestring() may only be called from a printfunc()."},
232 { SYBEPWD, EXUSER, "Incorrect password."},
233 { SYBERDCN, EXCONVERSION, "Requested data-conversion does not exist."},
234 { SYBERDNR, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to retrieve data from a non-existent row."},
235 { SYBEREAD, EXCOMM, "Read from SQL Server failed."},
236 { SYBERESP, EXPROGRAM, "Response function address passed to dbresponse() must be non-NULL."},
237 { SYBERFILE, 1, "Can not open resource file."},
238 { SYBERPCS, EXINFO, "Must call dbrpcinit() before dbrpcparam()."},
239 { SYBERPIL, EXPROGRAM, "It is illegal to pass -1 to dbrpcparam() for the datalen of parameters which are of type SYBCHAR, SYBVARCHAR, SYBBINARY, or SYBVARBINARY."},
240 { SYBERPNA, EXNONFATAL, "The RPC facility is available only when using a SQL Server whose version number is 4.0 or greater."},
241 { SYBERPND, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with results pending."},
242 { SYBERPNULL, EXPROGRAM, "value parameter for dbprcparam() can be NULL, only if the datalen parameter is 0."},
243 { SYBERPTXTIM, EXPROGRAM, "RPC parameters cannot be of type TextImage."},
244 { SYBERPUL, EXPROGRAM, "When passing a SYBINTN, SYBDATETIMN, SYBMONEYN, or SYBFLTN parameter via dbrpcparam(), it's necessary to specify the parameter's maximum or actual length, so that DB-Library can recognize it as a SYBINT1, SYBINT2, SYBINT4, SYBMONEY, or SYBMONEY4, etc."},
245 { SYBERTCC, EXPROGRAM, "dbreadtext() may not be used to receive the results of a query which contains a COMPUTE clause."},
246 { SYBERTSC, EXPROGRAM, "dbreadtext() may only be used to receive the results of a query which contains a single result column."},
247 { SYBERTYPE, 1, "Invalid resource type given to DB-Library."},
248 { SYBERXID, EXNONFATAL, "The Server did not recognize our distributed-transaction ID."},
249 { SYBESECURE, EXPROGRAM, "Secure Server function not supported in this version."},
250 { SYBESEFA, EXPROGRAM, "DBSETNOTIFS cannot be called if connections are present."},
251 { SYBESEOF, EXCOMM, "Unexpected EOF from SQL Server."},
252 { SYBESFOV, EXPROGRAM, "dbsafestr() overflowed its destination buffer."},
253 { SYBESLCT, 1, "Could not select or copy field specified."},
254 { SYBESMSG, EXSERVER, "General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server."},
255 { SYBESOCK, EXCOMM, "Unable to open socket."},
256 { SYBESPID, EXPROGRAM, "Called dbspid() with a NULL dbproc."},
257 { SYBESYNC, EXCOMM, "Read attempted while out of synchronization with SQL Server."},
258 { SYBETEXS, EXINFO, "Called dbmoretext() with a bad size parameter."},
259 { SYBETIME, EXTIME, "SQL Server connection timed out."},
260 { SYBETMCF, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to install too many custom formats via dbfmtinstall()."},
261 { SYBETMTD, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to send too much TEXT data via the dbmoretext() call."},
262 { SYBETPAR, EXPROGRAM, "No SYBTEXT or SYBIMAGE parameters were defined."},
263 { SYBETPTN, EXUSER, "Syntax error: only two periods are permitted in table names."},
264 { SYBETRAC, EXINFO, "Attempted to turn off a trace flag that was not on."},
265 { SYBETRAN, EXINFO, "DBPROCESS is being used for another transaction."},
266 { SYBETRAS, EXINFO, "DB-Library internal error - trace structure not found."},
267 { SYBETRSN, EXINFO, "Bad numbytes parameter passed to dbtracestring()."},
268 { SYBETSIT, EXINFO, "Attempt to call dbtsput() with an invalid timestamp."},
269 { SYBETTS, EXUSER, "The table which bulk-copy is attempting to copy to a host-file is shorter than the number of rows which bulk-copy was instructed to skip."},
270 { SYBETYPE, EXINFO, "Invalid argument type given to DB-Library."},
271 { SYBEUACS, 1, "VMS: Unable to assign channel to sys$command."},
272 { SYBEUAVE, 1, "Unable to allocate VMS event flag."},
273 { SYBEUCPT, EXUSER, "Unrecognized custom-format parameter-type encountered in dbstrbuild()."},
274 { SYBEUCRR, EXCONSISTENCY, "Internal software error: Unknown connection result reported by dbpasswd()."},
275 { SYBEUDTY, EXCONSISTENCY, "Unknown datatype encountered."},
276 { SYBEUFDS, EXUSER, "Unrecognized format encountered in dbstrbuild()."},
277 { SYBEUFDT, EXCONSISTENCY, "Unknown fixed-length datatype encountered."},
278 { SYBEUHST, EXUSER, "Unknown host machine name."},
279 { SYBEUMSG, EXCOMM, "Unknown message-id in MSG datastream."},
280 { SYBEUNAM, EXFATAL, "Unable to get current username from operating system."},
281 { SYBEUNOP, EXNONFATAL, "Unknown option passed to dbsetopt()."},
282 { SYBEUNT, EXUSER, "Unknown network type found in interface file."},
283 { SYBEURCI, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to read copyright information from the dblib localization file."},
284 { SYBEUREI, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to read error information from the dblib localization file."},
285 { SYBEUREM, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to read error mnemonic from the dblib localization file."},
286 { SYBEURES, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to read error string from the dblib localization file."},
287 { SYBEURMI, EXRESOURCE, "Unable to read money-format information from the dblib localization file."},
288 { SYBEUSCT, EXCOMM, "Unable to set communications timer."},
289 { SYBEUTDS, EXCOMM, "Unrecognized TDS version received from SQL Server."},
290 { SYBEUVBF, EXPROGRAM, "Attempt to read an unknown version of BCP format-file."},
291 { SYBEUVDT, EXCONSISTENCY, "Unknown variable-length datatype encountered."},
292 { SYBEVDPT, EXUSER, "For bulk copy, all variable-length data must have either a length-prefix or a terminator specified."},
293 { SYBEVMS, 1, "Sendflush: VMS IO error."},
294 { SYBEVOIDRET, 1, "Parameter of type SYBVOID cannot be a return parameter."},
295 { SYBEWAID, EXCONSISTENCY, "DB-LIBRARY internal error: ALTFMT following ALTNAME has wrong id."},
296 { SYBEWRIT, EXCOMM, "Write to SQL Server failed."},
297 { SYBEXOCI, EXNONFATAL, "A character-set translation overflowed its destination buffer while using bcp to copy data from a host-file to the SQL Server."},
298 { SYBEXTDN, EXPROGRAM, "Warning: the xlt_todisp parameter to dbfree_xlate() was NULL. The space associated with the xlt_tosrv parameter has been freed."},
299 { SYBEXTN, EXPROGRAM, "The xlt_todisp and xlt_tosrv parameters to dbfree_xlate() were NULL."},
300 { SYBEXTSN, EXPROGRAM, "Warning: the xlt_tosrv parameter to dbfree_xlate() was NULL. The space associated with the xlt_todisp parameter has been freed."},
301 { SYBEZTXT, EXINFO, "Attempt to send zero length TEXT or IMAGE to dataserver via dbwritetext()."},
302 { 0, 0, "Please add a description for this error to src/tds/error_table.h"}