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 The db-lib APIFunctions callable by db-lib client programs
 Primary functionsCore functions needed by most db-lib programs
 Remote Procedure functionsFunctions used with stored procedures
 Bulk copy functionsFunctions to bulk-copy (a/k/a bcp) data to/from the database
 Internal bcp functionsStatic functions internal to the bcp library
 Money functionsFunctions to manipulate the MONEY datatype
 Datetime functionsFunctions to manipulate DBDATETIME structures
 InternalsFunctions called within db-lib for self-help
 UnimplementedFunctions thus far not implemented in the FreeTDS db-lib implementation
 ODBC APIFunctions callable by ODBC client programs
 ODBC utilityFunctions called within ODBC driver
 LibTDS APICallable functions in libtds
 AuthenticationFunctions for handling authentication
 ConfigurationHandle reading of configuration
 ConversionConversions between datatypes
 Charset conversionConvert between different charsets
 Memory allocationAllocate or free resources
 QueryFunction to handle query
 Network functionsFunctions for reading or writing from network
 Dynamic string functionsHandle dynamic string
 Results processingHandle tokens in packets