API Reference Manual

The reference manual is installed as part of FreeTDS. It can be regenerated at any time using Doxygen with cd doc; make doc.

The reference manual is a work in progress: only DB-Library is completely documented, and quite minimally at that. Should you find it inadequate, you may be interested to learn it's not hard to add to, technically. Doxygen generates a manual from encoded comments in the source code. Its markup syntax is not hard to learn. You can read more about it at the Doxygen website.

Basic API coverage information for the db-lib, ct-lib, and ODBC client libraries is maintained in doc/api_status.txt, included in the source distribution. For your convenience and enjoyment, we include that file in the following sections. In each table, we note for the function [25] the extent to which it is implemented. The Status field may be:

DB-Library API function status domain


Function is not implemented.


Function is implemented as a stub. Some such functions return SUCCEED even though they have no effect, to satisfy upper layers.


Function is partly implemented. We haven't dealt with every possible option, for instance.


Function is implemented. Completely, we claim.

[25] Sybase and Microsoft sometimes use slightly different names for the same function. It is the intention of the --enable-msdblib option to align FreeTDS with one or the other's convention.