What to build: Packages, Tarballs, and the git repository

The latest FreeTDS package is always available from www.freetds.org.

Code changes by the developers are immediately available in the git repository. If you've run into a problem, you may want to check out from git to see if it's fixed there.

No password is needed to obtain the current git copy of FreeTDS; you need only have a git client installed on your machine. Then:

	$ git clone https://github.com/FreeTDS/freetds.git

For those behind firewalls or otherwise unable to access git, nightly snapshots of git are rolled up into tarballs for your convenience. They can be downloaded from www.freetds.org.

In general, the git master branch (the basis of the current nightly snapshot) works better and has more functionality than the release version. Bugs sometimes persist in the release version but are usually fixed in short order (once identified) in git master.


As with any project of this sort, if you want to use the git master branch, it's a good idea to join the mailing list.