Chapter 12. Acknowledgments

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Many people, too many to mention, have contributed patches and located bugs. The primary names are:

Brian Bruns ( Arno Pedusaar (
Started this crazy thingDonated his TDS4.2 code to the cause
Mihai Ibanescu ( Mark Schaal (
GNUified the packetCleaned up message handling, more datatype support, bug fixes
Gregg Jensen ( Craig Spannring (
Message handlers and extra datatype support and some sybperl stuffWrote the JDBC and DBI drivers
James K. Lowden ( Bill Thompson (
Wrote most of the documentation. Helped out here and there. Completer of the DB-Library bcp API and author of freebcp.
Steve Murphree ( Frediano Ziglio (
Added more ODBC functionality. Extended the ODBC library, and added many, many fixes and enhancements to libtds.