ct-lib API Implementation Summary

Sybase ct-lib documentation can be found online. [27]

Table 11.2. CT-Library API Implementation Summary

(all)ct_bindOKBind server results to program variables.
(all)ct_br_columnRetrieve information about a column generated by a browse mode select. 
(all)ct_br_tableReturn information about browse mode tables. 
(all)ct_callbackOKInstall or retrieve a Client-Library callback routine.
(all)ct_cancelOKCancel a command or the results of a command.
(all)ct_capabilityOKSet or retrieve a client/server capability.
(all)ct_closeOKClose a server connection.
(all)ct_cmd_allocOKAllocate a CS_COMMAND structure.
(all)ct_cmd_dropOKDeallocate a CS_COMMAND structure.
(all)ct_cmd_propsOKSet or retrieve command structure properties. For use by applications that resend commands.
(all)ct_commandOKInitiate a language, package, RPC, message, or send-data command.
(all)ct_compute_infoOKRetrieve compute result information.
(all)ct_con_allocOKAllocate a CS_CONNECTION structure.
(all)ct_con_dropOKDeallocate a CS_CONNECTION structure.
(all)ct_con_propsOKSet or retrieve connection structure properties.
(all)ct_configOKSet or retrieve context properties.
(all)ct_connectOKConnect to a server.
(all)ct_cursorOKInitiate a Client-Library cursor command.
(all)ct_data_infoOKDefine or retrieve a data I/O descriptor structure.
(all)ct_debugManage debug library operations. 
(all)ct_describeOKReturn a description of result data.
(all)ct_diagOKManage inline error handling.
(all)ct_ds_dropobjRelease the memory associated with a directory object. 
(all)ct_ds_lookupInitiate or cancel a directory lookup operation. 
(all)ct_ds_objinfoRetrieve information associated with a directory object. 
(all)ct_dynamicOKInitiate a dynamic SQL command.
(all)ct_dyndescPerform operations on a dynamic SQL descriptor area. 
(all)ct_dynsqldaOperate on a SQLDA structure. 
(all)ct_exitOKExit Client-Library.
(all)ct_fetchOKFetch result data.
(all)ct_get_dataOKRead a chunk of data from the server.
(all)ct_getformatReturn the server user-defined format string associated with a result column. 
(all)ct_getloginfoTransfer TDS login response information from a CS_CONNECTION structure to a newly allocated CS_LOGINFO structure. 
(all)ct_initOKInitialize Client-Library for an application context.
(all)ct_keydataSpecify or extract the contents of a key column. 
(all)ct_labelsDefine a security label or clear security labels for a connection. 
(all)ct_optionsOKSet, retrieve, or clear the values of server query-processing options.
(all)ct_paramOKSupply values for a server command's input parameters.
(all)ct_pollstubPoll connections for asynchronous operation completions and registered procedure notifications.
(all)ct_recvpassthruReceive a TDS (Tabular Data Stream) packet from a server. 
(all)ct_remote_pwdDefine or clear passwords to be used for server-to-server connections. 
(all)ct_res_infoOKRetrieve current result set or command information.
(all)ct_resultsOKSet up result data to be processed.
(all)ct_sendOKSend a command to the server.
(all)ct_send_dataOKSend a chunk of text or image data to the server.
(all)ct_sendpassthruSend a Tabular Data Stream (TDS) packet to a server. 
(all)ct_setloginfoTransfer TDS login response information from a CS_LOGINFO structure to a CS_CONNECTION structure. 
(all)ct_setparamOKSpecify source variables from which ct_send reads input parameter values for a server command.
(all)ct_wakeupCall a connection's completion callback. 
(all)cs_calcPerform an arithmetic operation on two operands. 
(all)cs_cmpCompare two data values. 
(all)cs_configpartialSet or retrieve CS-Library properties.
(all)cs_conv_multstubRetrieve the conversion multiplier for converting character data from one character set to another.
(all)cs_convertOKConvert a data value from one datatype, locale, or format to another datatype, locale, or format.
(all)cs_ctx_allocOKAllocate a CS_CONTEXT structure.
(all)cs_ctx_dropOKDeallocate a CS_CONTEXT structure.
(all)cs_ctx_globalOKAllocate or return a CS_CONTEXT structure.
(all)cs_diagOKManage inline error handling.
(all)cs_dt_crackOKConvert a machine-readable datetime value into a user-accessible format.
(all)cs_dt_infostubSet or retrieve language-specific datetime information.
(all)cs_loc_allocOKAllocate a CS_LOCALE structure.
(all)cs_loc_dropOKDeallocate a CS_LOCALE structure.
(all)cs_localepartialLoad a CS_LOCALE structure with localization values or retrieve the locale name previously used to load a CS_LOCALE structure.
(all)cs_manage_convertstubInstall or retrieve a user-defined character set conversion routine.
(all)cs_objectsstubSave, retrieve, or clear objects and data associated with them.
(all)cs_set_convertstubInstall or retrieve a user-defined conversion routine.
(all)cs_setnullstubDefine a null substitution value to be used when binding or converting NULL data.
(all)cs_strbuildOKConstruct native language message strings.
(all)cs_strcmpstubCompare two strings using a specified sort order.
(all)cs_timestubRetrieve the current date and time.
(all)cs_will_convertOKIndicate whether a specific datatype conversion is available in the Client/Server libraries.
(all)blk_allocOKAllocate a CS_BLKDESC structure.
(all)blk_bindOKBind a program variable and a database column.
(all)blk_colvalstubServer-side routine to obtain the column value from a formatted bulk copy row.
(all)blk_defaultstubRetrieve a column's default value.
(all)blk_describeOKRetrieve a description of a database column.
(all)blk_doneOKMark a complete bulk copy operation or a complete bulk copy batch.
(all)blk_dropOKDeallocate a CS_BLKDESC structure.
(all)blk_getrowstubServer-side routine to retrieve and store a formatted bulk copy row.
(all)blk_gettextstubServer-side routine to retrieve the text, image, sensitivity, or boundary portion of an incoming bulk copy formatted row.
(all)blk_initOKInitiate a bulk copy operation.
(all)blk_propsOKSet or retrieve bulk descriptor structure properties.
(all)blk_rowallocstubServer-side routine to allocate space for a formatted bulk copy row.
(all)blk_rowdropstubServer-side routine to free space previously allocated for a formatted bulk copy row.
(all)blk_rowxferOKTransfer one or more rows during a bulk copy operation without specifying or receiving a row count.
(all)blk_rowxfer_multOKTransfer one or more rows during a bulk copy operation.
(all)blk_sendrowstubServer-side routine to send a formatted bulk copy row obtained from blk_getrow.
(all)blk_sendtextstubServer-side routine to send text, image, sensitivity, or boundary data in a formatted bulk copy row obtained from blk_sendtext.
(all)blk_srvinitstubServer-side routine to copy descriptions of server table columns to the client, if required.
(all)blk_textxferstubTransfer a column's data in chunks during a bulk copy operation.

[27] Links such as these are quite perishable. Should you find them broken, please check the FreeTDS User Guide posted on our website. If it's out of date, please let us know, so we can correct it. Thanks.