Chapter 7. How to get what works with it working

Table of Contents

Building and using the Perl modules
Sybase module
ODBC on Unix
ODBC and 64-bit
Default charset

The following programs are known to work to some extent with FreeTDS. Here you will find any special instructions for getting them compiled or running.


SQSH is a command line based query tool written by Scott Gray to replace the isql utility that ships with Sybase ASE. It makes a great diagnostic tool for FreeTDS as well. If you are having trouble, install SQSH (it's easy) and try getting that to work before more complicated arrangements.


SQSH 2.1 includes direct support for FreeTDS, so these instructions may not be necessary, but are still included just in case.

After running configure in SQSH's directory (make sure you set the Sybase environment variable first), look for the Sybase_LIBS definition in the Makefile. Change the line to match this example.

Example 7.1. The SQSH Makefile

	#  The following set of CT-LIB libraries were determined automatically
	#  by 'configure'.  For most systems configure looks up the required
	#  libraries by looking at the name of the OS (although this doesn't
	#  mean it got them right), however if the line below ends with the
	#  word "Guess", then 'configure' didn't have an entry for your operating
	#  system and it took a best guess to figure out which libraries you
	#  need. In either case, there may be problems, so look this line over
	#  and if it doesn't work, compare it to the libraries located in
	#  $SYBASE/samples/ct-library.
	#  The listings below show suggested libraries for Operating Systems
	#  that frequently fail to be recognized by 'configure':
	#  SCO:   -lblk -lct -lcs -lcomn -ltcl -ltli -lnsl_s -lintl -m -lsocket
	#  Dynix: -lblk -lct -lcs -lcomn -ltcl -ltli -lnsl -lintl -lm -lseq
	SYBASE_LIBS   = -lct -ldl -lm

At this point you can also enable readline support if you didn't specify it in the configure arguments.

After that just type make and you are off and running.