The first place to look to resolve your problem is the documentation
The next step is to subscribe and post a question to the Mailing List . Please read the Getting Help section of the User Guide to ensure that the folks on the list can isolate and fix your problem.
Note: we often see people post what are really FreeTDS questions in a variety of forums such as the PHP list, LUG lists, and Usenet groups. Many times these queries go unanswered because no one in those forums knows FreeTDS. Your best bet for getting answers will generally be the FreeTDS mailing list. (If this seems obvious, you'd be surprised.)

Blatant commercial plug!

If you are interested in having someone install and configure FreeTDS for you, you can contact Brian Bruns (brian@‌, the original author of FreeTDS, who offers consulting, custom programming, and support contracts for FreeTDS.